Sounds Fake But Okay

Ep 200: 200 Ways We've Changed

October 03, 2021 Sounds Fake But Okay
Sounds Fake But Okay
Ep 200: 200 Ways We've Changed
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Hey what's up hello! Is it our most chaotic episode yet? Possibly! To celebrate our 200th episode, we share 200(?) ways our lives have changed since we released our very first episode.

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SARAH: Hey what’s up hello. Welcome to Sounds Fake But Okay, a podcast where an aro-ace girl (I’m Sarah. That’s me.)

KAYLA: … and a demisexual girl (that’s me, Kayla)

SARAH: talk about all things to do with love, relationships, sexuality, and pretty much anything else that we just don’t understand.

KAYLA: On today’s episode: Change?

BOTH: Sounds fake, but okay.

(Intro song)

SARAH: Welcome back to the Pod! 

KAYLA: Mm’b’icentennial...

SARAH: What?!

KAYLA: Changin’ it up on ya.

SARAH: How about it's October and you know what that is? Spooky, M’orbid, M’urder M’onth.

KAYLA: That’s pretty good. It is the spooky season. Already today people were putting spooky remixes of our theme song in the discord, so that’s how you know.

SARAH: Oh is that what those were?

KAYLA: Yeah, Barefoot Backpacker put one in that was especially like really creepy, like the other two were kinda cute and spooky and then Barefoot put one in that was…
SARAH: Wow! Barefoot, Barefoot please~

KAYLA: Upsetting a little bit.


KAYLA: Anyway.

SARAH: Oh boy~. We surely, we surely have housekeeping.

KAYLA: We surely do! We are going to the Comic Con in New York! 

SARAH: We are! We are gonna be on a panel at New York Comic Con which is pretty fun. It is this Friday, October 8th so not a lot of warning, you know we didn’t get a lot of warning either, but...

KAYLA: Just the way it happens!

SARAH: Just the way it is. So if anyone’s gonna be at New York Comic Con come say hi, we’ll be there, please come to our panel, so we don’t look sad.

KAYLA: Yeah that would be so embarr- I keep worrying to myself like “who is going to come to this?” It’s gonna be so embarrassing, if like it’s just our friend Brad that comes.

SARAH: Just Brad. On the panel with us is Kiara Valdez and Your Ace Dad, my ace dad, my main man Cody.

KAYLA: Indeed, and then it’s being moderated by Michele from Geeks Out who we did an article Michele wrote before like a blog for Geeks Out before.

SARAH: We know Michele, we don’t know if you do.

KAYLA: I don’t know if y'all know Michele, but Michele is great. We love Michele. Um. But yeah, it’s very exciting. People keep asking if it’s gonna be recorded. I kind of doubt it?
SARAH: Yeah.

KAYLA: I think the bigger rooms are getting recorded, I don’t think that ours will. I don’t- I suppose we could ask someone to recorded, but I don’t know if it’s allowed, even?

SARAH: Yeah, unless someone — it’s probably allowed— there is like, “wow I really want to record this for posterity” it probably won’t get recorded.

KAYLA: So yeah.

SARAH: Which is, you know...

KAYLA: Sorry to everyone! But-

SARAH: It’s fine. Still cool!

KAYLA: We’ve been on many panels on the internet, I’m sure we’ll be on more. So there will be more.

SARAH: Yeah.

KAYLA: And you hear us every week.

SARAH: Yeah, god we annoy you all the time.

KAYLA: Yeah.

SARAH: Cool! Anything else?

KAYLA: Just a reminder we have merch.
SARAH: We do have merch.

KAYLA: It’s on our website it’s pretty lit.

SARAH: It’s both lit and dope.

KAYLA: Pretty fresh.

SARAH: And fresh.

KAYLA: Should we do like a discount code for the 200th episode?

SARAH: Oh should we?

KAYLA: I feel like we should. I’m not giving 200% off I can tell you that right now.

SARAH: What about 2000% off?

KAYLA: Mm. No.

SARAH: We have to pay you large amounts of money.

KAYLA: We have to pay YOU money. Mm. No. Maybe we will, check back in.

SARAH: Well now we kind of have to.

KAYLA: Now we have to, but you don’t know the code.

SARAH: You don’t know the code, so now you’re going to have to check for the code.

KAYLA: Should we come up with one right now?

SARAH: I kind of thought you might.

KAYLA: Okay the code is gonna be...


KAYLA: FAKE200 okay. The code’s gonna be FAKE200, for how much percent off you ask? That’s none of your business. You’ll have to find- You’ll have to go there and find out won’t you?

SARAH: One percent. None of your business. You’ll find out.

KAYLA: Absolutely, it’ll be 1%. You have no right to know something like that. Alright well-

SARAH: I mean it’ll be more than 1% and less than 100%.

KAYLA: Yeah that’s...
SARAH: So. Cool.

KAYLA: I’ll put it on a sticky note and put it on my computer so I do not forget, because you know I will.

SARAH: Embarrassing if you did.

KAYLA: I know I will, I’m sure someone will call me out. I’m gonna put it on a little sticky note.

SARAH: Okay cool, Kayla what are we talking about this week. Can you stop? What are we doing this week?

KAYLA: Stop what? I’m literally just putting this sticky note on my wall, jesus!

SARAH: Why did that require so much commentary? (laughs)

KAYLA: I don’t know, I don’t even remember saying anything to be quite honest with you.

SARAH: I was trying to continue the podcast and you were just like… “Oh puttin’ this sticky note on my wall~” (laughs)

KAYLA: Just talking to myself, I don’t know!


SARAH: (laughing) Okay, what are we talking about this week?

KAYLA: This week after a lot of back and forth of not knowing what to do for th 200th episode because it’s like-

SARAH: We felt a lot of stress. 

KAYLA: Milestone episodes are really hard for us because feels like a lot of pressure, we can’t just do anything.

SARAH: We don’t have ideas to begin with, so when we don’t have any ideas and also its a milestone...

KAYLA: That said the people are very interested in us doing a wedding episode which we talked about last week and I did write down some ideas recently-

SARAH: good.

KAYLA: But they’re not good enough for 200.

SARAH: Yeah.

KAYLA: So we’re going to be listing off 200 things that have changed since episode 1.


KAYLA: But I feel like before we do the list we should say- we should discuss where we were when we recorded episode 1 for context for people who have not listened to the entire catalogue.

SARAH: As you shouldn’t-

KAYLA: People have. Multiple times.

SARAH: I don’t know why, but um yeah. Where were we? Literally we were in Ann Arbor. No.

KAYLA: Okay, so we- we-

SARAH: We were at my parents’ house.

KAYLA: We have have- yes- we have differing memories of this. 

SARAH: We do.

KAYLA: I remember recording the first 2-3 episodes in your parents’ house back to back.

SARAH: but we did the theme song in Ann Arbor. 

KAYLA: We did the theme song in  Ann Arbor-

SARAH: In your ant house-

KAYLA: In my sublet. Yes

SARAH: In your ant-infested house.

KAYLA: In my house that had a lot of ants in it. That’s where we did the theme song.

SARAH: Yes. I’m thinking they happened at the same time but they did not.

KAYLA: But what were we, what year was that?

SARAH: 207- 2017 it was 2017.

KAYLA: In 2017 it was the summer before junior year?
SARAH: (speaking German) Ja genau.




SARAH: Sorry, my brain just went into German mode because that’s what I had just left.

KAYLA: Yeah cause you were a German. Yeah and that’s what was happening.

SARAH: Oh is that all the context we need?

KAYLA: I mean is there any other context you want to give?

SARAH: I mean we were in college. We were little babies. And now we’re little babies, but like-

KAYLA: Who are not in college.

SARAH: Yeah. Like little babies who weigh a little bit more.


KAYLA: Certainly we do. I know I do.

SARAH: Oh I certainly do.

KAYLA: Love that.

SARAH: You know. 

KAYLA: Anyway.

SARAH: That’s adulthood.

KAYLA: We have 200 things to get through, so.

SARAH: We do, we do.

KAYLA: Would you like to start?

SARAH: I would love to start. I have written down...

KAYLA: We need to make sure to keep count.

SARAH: Yeah I have them in a list.

KAYLA: I’m gonna write them down as I say them. As usual, I have not prepared.

SARAH: Yep. I have 30 things and then I ran out of time because I work a full time job. And we also decided two hours ago what this topic is gonna be. (laughs)

KAYLA: We are incredible. That is something that has not changed. Anyway.

SARAH: First thing that has changed: Um, we have degrees now.
KAYLA: We do!

SARAH: We have college degrees, we have bachelor’s of arts.

KAYLA: Yeah because we are professionals (laughs).

SARAH: Yeah.

KAYLA: I could have gotten a bachelor of science and I said, “Why would I wanna do that?”

SARAH: I mean, technically, I could have gotten one too, if I had changed my fucking major, but why would I have done that?

KAYLA: That would have been crazy. Anyway.

SARAH: I know.

KAYLA: Another thing that has changed is… wow, I had a lot in my mind that I decided not to write down, and now they’re all gone.

SARAH: Why? What is wrong with you?

KAYLA: I know. We don’t live in Michigan anymore. 

SARAH: That’s true. On a similar note: I moved to California.

KAYLA: Mhm. 

SARAH: You moved to Connecticut, and then you moved to Louisiana.

KAYLA: Well then I moved back to Michigan for a second.
SARAH: That’s true.

KAYLA: And then… yeah.

SARAH: I think that should count as three different things.

KAYLA: That’s three?

SARAH: No four. 1 we moved out of Michigan, 2 I moved to California, 3 You moved to Connecticut, and then Louisiana. Are you writing down mine too?

KAYLA: I was just writing down mine, do you need me to write down yours too?
SARAH: You don’t need to write down mine, I have mine.

KAYLA: Okay do you have all four sixty of those written down?

SARAH: What else?

KAYLA: We have a book contract now!

SARAH: We do, we have a book baby, currently being gestated.

KAYLA: Which is not something that I expected to happen when we started the podcast, but here we are!

SARAH: No, no not at all! Well, you stole one of mine, that’s pretty rude. Um another thing that has changed is we have mics now.

KAYLA: That is so true.

SARAH: Pretty exciting!


KAYLA: When I was- I was making a TikTok this week and I was trying to find pictures of us with microphones and even- at some point I scrolled back so far, that it was pictures of us recording without them, and I was like “Ohh. Oh god!”

SARAH: No. Not the microphone-less days.


SARAH: Not that our microphones are super high quality-

KAYLA: Better than nothing. Big change: I’m demisexual now.


KAYLA: I suppose I was when we started...
SARAH: But you weren’t using the term.

KAYLA: Not openly yes.

SARAH: Yea, yeah, that is a big change. Another change is for some reason people listen to us now.

KAYLA: Yeah.

SARAH: I don’t know why they do that, but they do.

KAYLA: They sure do.

SARAH: Sorry, but also thank you and also you’re welcome?

KAYLA: And you’re welcome? Um. Can this count as two? That we’re now on our third logo that has changed twice?

SARAH: I also wrote that we got a new- that we changed our logo twice. (laughs)

KAYLA: I think that should count for two.
SARAH: Okay.

KAYLA: Are you gonna write that? Should I put one?

SARAH: I already have it written down once so you write it.

KAYLA: I’ll write it, okay. Okay. This is… okay.

SARAH: We’re totally cheating and that’s how it should be. My next one, i was also trying to think of external aspec things, but you know them better than I do. Uhh so, but there’s been days— the asexuality things that have been acknowledged in places like Pennsylvania like Marshall?

KAYLA: Yeah! Ace week has been recognized in a lot of states. Yeah, Marshall did Pennsylvania. Good job.
SARAH: Yeah that’s what I was trying to say because I didn’t have the know-how and the information because Kayla is the brains and I am the ADHD.

KAYLA:(laughs) Yeah. uh-huh. Let’s see, since we started… we can drink now!

SARAH: Yeah it’s true, not that I do.

KAYLA: No you don’t, but we can, you know. We have the ability now.

SARAH: Yeah. We had the ability to before. It was the question of if it was legal-

KAYLA: Legally, yes.

SARAH: - in various jurisdictions.

KAYLA: Whatever.

SARAH: Something that has changed is that we got representation in the TV show Sex Education.

KAYLA: And then they took it away!

SARAH: And they took it away.

KAYLA: Is that two? (laughs)

SARAH: We won’t dwell on that. Does that count as two?

KAYLA: Sure! Why not.

SARAH: And they took it away.

KAYLA: Yeah.

SARAH: To those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about; the character who had the little asexual arc in season 2 of Sex Education is simply not in season 3. So.

KAYLA: (laughs) It’s good shit. I have another one to count as two, and that’s that I got a cat, and then I got another one.
SARAH: Then you got another cat.

KAYLA: So I think that is two changes.

SARAH: I’ll count it as one and- you get your two, and then my additional one is that I live with a cat.

KAYLA: I think that’s good.

SARAH: Yeah. It’s not my cat, but I live with it.

KAYLA: Oh! Another change is we don’t live together.

SARAH: That is true.

KAYLA: Which is dumb.

SARAH: I like how we’re really trying to stretch out the changing in living situations to be-

KAYLA: listen!

SARAH: as many as possible.

KAYLA: We have to get 200!

SARAH: We do. It’s gonna be tough. Another thing that changed: I cried reading Loveless. I mean that’s not a change, but an event-

KAYLA: I mean previously you had not, and then you had.

SARAH: Previously I had not and then it also made me feel like “ohh I get the representation thing now…”

KAYLA: Mhm. My thing similar to that is: when we started the podcast Little Women 2019 did not exist, and now it does and we cried about it.

SARAH: That was my next one.

KAYLA: Sorry.

SARAH: My next one was cried watching Little Women.

KAYLA: Well take that off because I already wrote it down.

SARAH: Well fuck you.

KAYLA: Okay.

SARAH: Something else that happened was a global pandemic. What’s next.

KAYLA: I didn’t really wanna- okay. Next I have that we met David Jay. Because when we started we were like “Holy shit David Jay. celebrity” and now we work with him.

SARAH: I have a similar one. I actually just emailed him back 10 minutes ago.

KAYLA: (laughs) good for you.
SARAH: Thank you. He had emailed us 4 days ago, and I just now emailed him back.

KAYLA: Very good at communication.

SARAH: We’re very good at emailing. Similarly, I wrote we got phone numbers of people who literally built this community who we never thought we would be anywhere near and now we have their phone numbers!

KAYLA: True, very true.

SARAH: Which, you know, David Jay, but also other people. I guess we don’t necessarily have anyone else's phone number.

KAYLA: I was gonna say who else's phone number?
SARAH: We could ask for them and it wouldn’t be weird.

KAYLA: Yeah, that’s true. Since we’ve started the podcast I have become a Twilight stan. I was not previously. A few weeks ago I did become a Twilight stan and I went back on Bacon and Eggs to talk about it, so everyone look out for that episode of Bacon and Eggs.


SARAH: (quietly) Oh boy, what a weird little lady.

KAYLA: I just love Twilight.

SARAH: Another thing we did is we did a livestream and raised like $4000. 

KAYLA: True.

SARAH: That was pretty sick.

KAYLA: That was pretty wild, it was a lot of money.

SARAH: Got to talk to some cool people, have some nice little conversashies!


SARAH: I’m sorry for having said conversashies, I regret it.

KAYLA: Yeah I also regret it. Umm.

SARAH: Okay.

KAYLA: International Asexuality day exists now.

SARAH: Certainly.

KAYLA: And it did not before.


KAYLA: And it's very cool that- even though it's not that day every day they’re still putting out a lot of content from around the world to see people from other cultures and that look differently from us have the same identity. It’s very neat!

SARAH: Very good and spicy! I can’t believe you haven’t said this yet: Kayla has been in multiple relationships. (laughs)

KAYLA: You know, I was going to earlier and then I forgot, I think, but I am certainly not dating the same person I was when we started!

SARAH: That’s true!

KAYLA: We have a Discord now.


KAYLA: Heh heh heh heh.

SARAH: That was my literally next one...

KAYLA: Hee hee hee hee.

SARAH: It’s number 17 right here on my list!

KAYLA: Hee hee hee hee hee.

SARAH: (sadly) I will kill you in your sleep~

KAYLA: What if we count wrong and we don’t do 200?

SARAH: That will be the most in character thing that’s ever happened on this podcast.

KAYLA: I just said— That was my 13th one.

SARAH: I’ve done 16. But we’ve done some multiples, it’s fine. Well fine I guess I’ll delete discord from my list. I do think it is cool that we have a little discordy-cordy. A nice little community, what a little delight.

KAYLA: Yes! They do so much. THey remix our songs, and they are our friends.

SARAH: Yeah, I can go tattle to them when Kayla disrespects me.

KAYLA: Yeah...

SARAH: Kayla told me that she would not want me, she would not trust me to be her assistant. It is my literal fucking day job to be an assistant.

KAYLA: Yes but here is the thing about it being your day job; it's your day job so you have to do it. But if I told you to do something...

SARAH: Well, would you pay me?

KAYLA: No, I don’t have money!

SARAH: Then that’s slave labor!

KAYLA: Oh my god.

SARAH: That’s indentured servitude, that’s not an assistant.

KAYLA: That’s an intern. That’s an intern actually.

SARAH: Very, very, very, very important change: I got into BTS.
KAYLA: That is very true, unfortunately for us all.

SARAH: Um excuse you— fortunately for me.

KAYLA: True. I guess. Unfortunate for me. Very thematic, I think, our very first episode was about dick pics and since our first episode we have received- we did collectively receive a dick pic.

SARAH: Yeah. I didn’t see it but...

KAYLA: I certainly did.

SARAH: I don’t want to.

KAYLA: Yeah. That certainly— we hadn’t received one before- well? I’m trying to think of the first time in my life I received a dick pic.

SARAH: While you think about that I’m going to tell you about how my cousin recently took pictures of different sizes of condoms because she was like “I was just curious to see what the difference is” (laughs)

KAYLA: I love that.

SARAH: And I looked at them and was like “wow this really reinforces that I don’t have a good understanding of how big dicks are” (laughs)

KAYLA: Yeah.

SARAH: I don’t. I really don’t. That's something that hasn’t changed since our first episode...

KAYLA: No, some things are forever.

SARAH: Is it my turn? Uh, we both got our first real people jobs.

KAYLA: True, we are now in a capitalist society.

SARAH: We went from full-time students, part-time employees, part-time podders, to full-time employees, full-time podders (laughs).

KAYLA: It’s so fun… I love having three jobs… Um since we’ve started, the rise of Squishmellows has come, which is interesting because our mascot from the podcast, the little cows are Squishmellows. We got them like years ago before they blew up and I actually think the ones we have are quite rare now.

SARAH: Really? Well my cousin Kate got them for us. 

KAYLA: I know. Kate was a hipster and she was...

SARAH: Kate, who is, I will note, a patron of this show.

KAYLA: Kate you’re the real one. You started the Squishmellow craze.

SARAH: She also has a brand new dog named Nova.

KAYLA: That’s very exciting.

SARAH: (hoarsely) I love her. She's a [unintelligible] mix I love her.

KAYLA: Okay.

SARAH: ‘kay. Some other things that have changed: We were on other people’s pods. We were on Queery, we were on Being LGBTQ, we were on A OK


SARAH: We were on Bacons and Eggs, (laughs) Bacons and Eggs.

KAYLA: Several bacons.

SARAH: we were on Friends of the Force, we were on [something] Parkour, we were on Something Borrowed Something the book?

KAYLA: Something Borrowed, Something New

SARAH: Something New (laughs)

KAYLA: Yes. Are you listing those all as separate things?

SARAH: I wasn’t gonna. Should I?

KAYLA: Lame. Well depends on (laughs) how fast we’re trying to get through.

SARAH: Okay.
KAYLA: Um, well I have one that counts for two and that is that since we started I have gotten, well — oh shoot, I don’t know if that’s actually true?

SARAH: What?

KAYLA: Did I have my first tattoo when we started? No I didn’t because I got my tattoo several days before I got broken up with and I was still dating that person at the time we started. So for counting for two I have received two tattoos since we started. I love this timeline in my head.

SARAH: Great. I’ve decided- I looked at my list and was like “wow we’re only 20 into my list” so I decided to make all of those separate.

KAYLA: That’s probably good, yeah, we are… yes.

SARAH: So now it just says Queery, Being LGBTQ, New, Eggs, Brad, Parkour.

KAYLA: Good.

SARAH: My next one is we were featured in some articles, and then I wrote Them., comma oh god where else have we been?

KAYLA: Well we’ve been...there’s only been a couple articles about US -

SARAH: About us, but we’ve been in a bunch of random ones.

KAYLA: But yes we’ve been very nicely asked to be experts in a lot of others so...

SARAH: Unbelievable.

KAYLA: (preppy voice) It’s just so hard to keep up with us ~ umm since we started I started playing Dungeons and Dragons which is now a very big a part of my life and honestly a big part of what keeps me connected to my queer friends.


KAYLA: Like if I wasn’t playing it I wasn’t playing it I would have much less of a queer community or a queer… touchpoint in my life so very important!

SARAH: Spicy! We’ve been on panels.

KAYLA: (laughs)

SARAH: People have like asked us to like...
KAYLA: You’re really going through ‘em.

SARAH: Yeah. Did I just look at our website? Maybe.

KAYLA: Seems like you might’ve.

SARAH: People have asked us to be places. Weird!

KAYLA: I know, again not something we were expecting when we started. Um. Since we started an aroace musical. Well you wrote it, I directed it. We made an aroace musical.

SARAH: Was that after this? Yeah it was!

KAYLA: Yeah!

SARAH: Well it was partially written, not fully written when we started.

KAYLA: Well it came out when we were already doing it. Let me have this.

SARAH: We won an award!

KAYLA: We did win an award! You really did just go through our website huh?

SARAH: (whisper) yeah, yeah.

KAYLA: It was like - what was it best discover pods best...

SARAH: Discover pods best LGBTQ culture podcast.

KAYLA: Wow, can you believe it?

SARAH: I can’t believe we won a Tony award, and an Emmy and an Oscar and a Grammy. We’ve EGOTed already.

KAYLA: (laughs) We EGOTed so early in our lives.

SARAH: I got one, we made our podcast more accessible with our little transcripties! We got-

KAYLA: True, we started doing transcriptions.

SARAH: We got important enough that people care about our podcast that we were like “Hey we should make it more accessible so more people can access it!” Never thought we’d end up in a place where people wanted to access it...

KAYLA: But here we are!

SARAH: Here we are!

KAYLA: Similarly now we have a Patreon and people like pay us.

SARAH: Yeah! I wrote that, I wrote “we started a Patreon so we sort of? question mark make 30 cents”

KAYLA: Yeah!

SARAH: ‘cause personally… not a lot of income.

KAYLA: Well, you know. We’re getting there.

SARAH: We use that good good money for good good things.

KAYLA: Indeed.

SARAH: Thank you for it. Um, we became BFFs with Aven, and by we I mean Kayla did.

KAYLA: Yeah. Me and the DM social person, me and the — what did I just say?

SARAH: (laughs) You just said you and the DM social person.

KAYLA: IIIII’m having a stroke. Me and the Aven person like to complain to each other in our DMs. It's a very good time.

SARAH: It’s very spicy in there. Sometimes I see things in there and I’m like “Aaaa so spicy!”

KAYLA: Mhm. I’m pretty sure I know take less medication than I did?

SARAH: Oh I absolutely take more!

KAYLA: Well that can be one of yours.

SARAH: (laughs) I take so much more medication.

KAYLA: I think I weaned slightly off how much Prozac I was taking, so that’s fun. That’s like a good step!

SARAH: I take more Prozac.

KAYLA: I love that!

SARAH: So take that!

KAYLA: Okay.

SARAH: I am deprESSION! Another thing that’s happened since we started is that we accidentally became like actual activists?


KAYLA: yeah we didn’t mean for that one to happen.

SARAH: Total accident. Still a little weird.

KAYLA: We made merch, and by we I mean other people that are talented at art made us art and we put it on T Shirts.

SARAH: And we compiled it through suffering.

KAYLA: Yeah. Yes. 

SARAH: Oh my god something that has changed in the past, in the past since- since we started: Accidentally deleted a whole half of an episode.

KAYLA: Oh man. I try to forget about that one. Can you believe? This would have been- oh no because we rerecor- we didn’t skip that week did we?

SARAH: I don’t know what we did, I really don’t.

KAYLA: ‘Cause I’m trying to figure out if that hadn’t happened if this would have been the 201th episode.

SARAH: I blocked it out of my memory.

KAYLA: Yeah I try not to think about that time in our lives. I mean when we started TikTok was not a thing, I think it was still, but now it is a thing-

SARAH: I think it was still

KAYLA: - and now I’m addicted to it and we have one. 

SARAH: Yeah.

KAYLA: And I made the best TikTok of all time this week.

SARAH: Another thing that’s changed is we’ve had to juggle at LEAST 7 different time zones, I think more. I think that’s an undershoot, but that’s as many as I can list off the top of my head.

KAYLA: Luckily Sarah is very good at timezones so when we have guests in other ones she can figure it out because I have no concept of how timezones work.

SARAH: It’s the only math I can do. I did recently add, one of those timezone calculator like extensions onto my Google Chrome to make it easier because-

KAYLA: Mm that’s smart.

SARAH: US time zones and UK I can do off the top of my head but once you start asking for Australia, I need to double-check-

KAYLA: I don’t even trust myself enough that when you give me a time I still google it just to make sure I’m right, because I don’t trust myself, I really don’t.

SARAH: I will often give you times in your timezone-

KAYLA: I know.

SARAH: I will translate for you.

KAYLA: Because I am...

SARAH: Kayla can’t do it.

KAYLA: stupid. Can’t do it.

SARAH: Oh my god, you know what’s changed? My sister got a dog.

KAYLA: True and a cat!

SARAH: So important. And a cat! Sorry Rugie, but we all know I only care about Rosie anymore.

KAYLA: And a fiance!

SARAH: (laughs) and a fiance, that’s true.

KAYLA: Those all count right?

SARAH: Their relationship is younger than this podcast.

KAYLA: Wow. And they're already getting married. And we aren’t even married.
SARAH: We’ve been married.

KAYLA: I actually divorced you today.

SARAH: That’s true, Kayla did divorce me today. We made a resources page on our website.
KAYLA: (wheezing and laughing) you’re gOING THROUGH OUR WEBSITE!!!!

SARAH: (chuckles knowingly)

KAYLA: Oh I had one, I remember my thing now

SARAH: What?

KAYLA: We’ve had several sponsors now, but of note one time Hank Green gave us his money to promote his book!

SARAH: That’s so true! He did give us his money. 

KAYLA: which is very wild. We’re really- this episode is us just like going through our greatest hits than anything (laughs)

SARAH: Greatest hits. Well that’s why I was trying to come up with external things but I just couldn’t. I’m obsessed with myself, you know and so… I live in my own head and that’s where everything comes from.

KAYLA: SOmetimes you gotta.

SARAH: But hey, we did the what is asexuality TedTalk we did the what is Aro TedTalk-

KAYLA: True those were big episodes.

SARAH: We are creating resources for the world, you’re welcome!
KAYLA: Content~ content~
SARAH: Another thing is that we invented the concept of juice.
KAYLA: Mm. Very great. Sarah was really not into juice for a long time.

SARAH: Well I was into the concept— because we did beef and we were like that’s so negative we should have a positive thing too, so I was into the positive thing as a concept, just not into it being juice (laughs).
KAYLA: I guess. I guess this is a good time for someone who has not listened to everything and watched everything-

SARAH: Y’all motherfuckers want some lore?

KAYLA: ch- j- yeah, here’s some lore, straight at ya: juice came from what was maybe our first livestream that we ever did just to hang out and talk to y’all, and I was drinking grapefruit juice straight out of the bottle because it was my bottle of grapefruit juice and no one else in the house drank it, and people were like “big juice” and so that’s where big juice comes from and the juice in our logo because it’s big juice.

SARAH: Good. And now you know.

KAYLA: We don’t have the same President as we did when we started.

SARAH: That’s true! I’m out of things.
KAYLA: Yeah. I have a couple I just wrote down if we need some time.

SARAH: Go for it. Please.

KAYLA: Here’s a couple-

(sound of a mic falling over)

KAYLA: Oh my god.



SARAH: That was my mic falling over, thank you, thank you.
KAYLA: Lord. Umm. Since we’ve started there are like more people like in the aspec space. Like I feel like there’s been quite a few activists that got started after we got started so it's been very cool to watch more people come in and more perspectives and more people that aren’t all the same.

KAYLA: Very exciting!

SARAH: For a second I thought you meant it was because of us and I was like that’s not true.
KAYLA: Noo, noo.

SARAH: No but there are more and it’s nice to see all the new folks coming in what a true delight.

KAYLA: Mhm. Want me to keep going?


KAYLA: Since we have started I have questioned my romantic identity. Have I come to a conclusion you ask? Absolutely not.


KAYLA: But I was quite confident in it at the time we started, and now I’m not so here we are (laughs).

SARAH: Confidence has waned.

KAYLA: Sometimes as you spend more and more time in the queer community it just uhhh it just brings up more questions than it answers, you know? 

SARAH: Yeah.

KAYLA: Which I don’t think is uncommon so it’s fine.
SARAH: Yeah, see also me texting Kayla yesterday discussing buying my gender online. 

KAYLA: Eeeyah. Uh good things happening over here! We have since changed the beginning of the podcast a bit and now have the M’uhhh.

SARAH: (quietly) Oh jesus yeah that is true.
KAYLA: That is new and exciting.

SARAH: Technically, technically something that has changed is the length of the theme song in the very first episode it was way too long.

KAYLA: That’s true! Some more lore: the first episode has a longer version of the theme song.

SARAH: The first episode is like 20mins long and-

KAYLA: Half of it is- 

SARAH: -30% of it is the theme song. 

KAYLA: Similarly, we now have a sign off.

SARAH: That’s true.
KAYLA: The first like several episodes we were just like-

SARAH: We did not know what to do.

KAYLA: “Okay byeee I guess?”

SARAH: “bye” Yeah

KAYLA: It was very awkward but now we have a designated sign off like proper professionals.
SARAH: Mhm. Something that has changed is that we’re four years older and so are you!

KAYLA: W- well yeah. I guess even if you didn’t listen from the beginning you are still technically four years older from where we started, that’s very true.

SARAH: Yeah! It’s science baby!
KAYLA: It is. When we started the podcast, I had not previously been taking a feminism class and since we’ve started I’ve taken and completed a class on feminism as you may have heard if you listened to the podcast for a while.


SARAH: True. That’s true, Kayla was in a feminism class.

KAYLA: This is just truly is just our greatest hits, gags and goofs.

SARAH: Greatest hits, gags and goofs (laughs) Let me try and think of something else external.

KAYLA: I have one more.

SARAH: What?

KAYLA: Since we’ve started I’ve started doing and helping with research on asexuality which is something that I always wanted to do because I liked research a lot in college and now I get to help a professor do research and it’s pretty exciting!

SARAH: Pretty sick and cool and sublime.

KAYLA: I think so. I just came up with one more, want me to go again?

SARAH: Give it to me!

KAYLA: Well actually, no. I just realized it's invalid.
SARAH: Okay?

KAYLA: I was gonna say I’m no longer on dating apps, BUT at the time we- during the first episode I was not. I just was in the middle so I can’t say that.

SARAH: Well you can say that you got on and off dating apps.
KAYLA: I guess. That seems like cheating.

SARAH: This whole thing is cheating.


SARAH: Since we’ve started I have switched the um software I use to record and edit.

KAYLA: Mm. That’s exciting, a fun behind the scenes moment.

SARAH: Kayla still uses Garage Band.

KAYLA: I am not — I don’t need to change. But though, two things together: when we started we actually put up the podcast through Soundcloud which was very inconvenient and weird and now we use a certified podcast uhhhh website, which also means number 2 we are on Spotify now which we were not for a very very long time.

SARAH: Yeah, you know what you inspired me? We have a schedule now.

KAYLA: Well! Yes.

SARAH: By that I mean we release on Sundays.

KAYLA: We have a release schedule, we do not have a recording schedule.
SARAH: We have a release schedule, that’s what I mean.

KAYLA: That’s true we did not have that during the first episode.

SARAH: No. We kind of just posted whenever.

SARAH: Something that has changed is I have killed a lot of plants.

KAYLA: Remember Todd?

SARAH: Yeah I wonder if he’s still alive.


KAYLA: What’s another one? What’s another change? Sarah used to have a cactus named Todd who she didn’t water and still lived for a very very very long time and we would talk about Todd sometimes.

SARAH: It got to the point where I was actively trying to kill him cause I just...
KAYLA: And he didn’t.

SARAH: He wouldn’t.

KAYLA: And this is something we would discuss often. But we did then give when we graduated Todd to Zeke who at the time was an avid listener, can’t imagine he still is.

SARAH: He’s probably busy.

KAYLA: He’s probably busy being an adult, but we did give Todd to Zeke and I wonder how Todd is doing?
SARAH: As far as we’re aware Todd is still alive, I mean I think it’s like a- 

KAYLA: A Todd’s box.

SARAH: What’s the cat? 
KAYLA: Pandora’s box, Todd’s box.

SARAH: No, that's not what the Pandora’s box is.

KAYLA: Shordinzers- Schroedinger’s cat.

SARAH: Schroedinger’s cat. Yeah.

KAYLA: Schroedinger’s Todd.

SARAH: Yeah for some reason I couldn’t think of Schroedinger and the name that came to my mind was the name of my landlord.

KAYLA: Mm! Well that’s not right is it!

SARAH: My mind was just like Parminder’s cat (laughs).

KAYLA: Mm. You should write Todd down, is Todd on your list?

SARAH: Oh, no.

KAYLA: We need to get everything we can get Sarah (laughs) I don’t know how we’re gonna- How many have you done so far.
SARAH: 45.
KAYLA: I’ve done 33. Jesus christ.

SARAH: We’re out of time, we're gonna run out of time.
KAYLA: Yeah probably.

SARAH: (sighs) 200 things that have changed. 1 thing- okay one thing that has changed is now I am- my hair is a different length…



SARAH: Here’s what I think we should do-

KAYLA: Suffer?

SARAH: Here’s my plan, here’s my plan. I don’t think we’re gonna make it to 200 Kayla.

KAYLA: There is no way.

SARAH: I think that’s okay, because I think for our poll what we should do is we should have our listeners write in with things that have changed-

KAYLA: Other - Ok- How many… Okay.

SARAH: Not- We’re not gonna ask them things about us. (pause. Sarah sounds slightly different almost as if the recording stopped and then started again) Okay, so something that has happened since we’ve started this podcast is that I have fucked it up so many times accidentally stopping my audio.

KAYLA: Uh yeah, we really have. Sarah did a little mess up which is on brand but here is what you missed:

SARAH: Here’s what you missed on Glee.

KAYLA: Here’s what you missed on Glee: I found the perfect loophole for us only making it to 79 answers, which is-

SARAH: ‘Cause we realized we’re not gonna make it-
KAYLA: -as I said not 69 so it’s not even funny. We realized we weren’t gonna make it, the loophole that I have found is that when we recorded episode 1 we had only recorded 1 episode. And now in including the short episode that was announcing ace con and the missing episode that was never published-

SARAH: yeah.

KAYLA: We have recorded 201 more episodes which is is 201-

SARAH: Correct.

KAYLA: distinct changes since episode 1.


KAYLA: So really we did it, and we didn’t do it-

SARAH: yeah.

KAYLA: and we did it.

SARAH: We did it and you know we were talking about how it is the most in-character thing that we failed on our 200th episode. Our sights were set high and of course we failed there was no other outcome, anything else would be out of character and that is when I realized I had stopped recording- 

KAYLA: Even MORE in character
SARAH: which is so profoundly in-character.

KAYLA: Yeah well we were waxing poetic on how-

SARAH: Yeah.
KAYLA: -what an incredible chaotic and unprepared podcast we are and so-

SARAH: and meanwhile I wasn’t even recording.

KAYLA: Yes. But to have come in and if we had actually completed this idea that we came up with two or three hours ago? 

SARAH: Yeah.

KAYLA: I mean it just wouldn’t have been right-


KAYLA: It would have felt wrong.

SARAH: Yeah. It would’ve been truly wrong.

KAYLA: So I think this is the perfect celebration.

SARAH: I think this is great. We were gonna do probably for the poll, just what is the most thing but as I said right when I was cutting off we should ask our listeners what is something that has changed in their life since the beginning of the pod, whether they started listening to the pod at the beginning or not. Or you can say something that’s changed in your life since you started listening to the pod.
KAYLA: And we’ll write it down.
SARAH: I wanna hear your little delightful life stories, or like “I ate a-a-a Totino’s Pizza roll” that’s also an acceptable answer, like a little less exciting-
KAYLA: I’m fucking-

SARAH: but still acceptable.
KAYLA: Okay, write this down everyone I need to buy pizza rolls this weekend.

SARAH: (laughs)


KAYLA: Because I’m gonna be alone this weekend, because Dean is going out of town and all of my friends are also going out of town, so I’m literally gonna be alone-

SARAH: FUCK. I need to defrost meat, thanks for the reminder!

KAYLA: Okay. I’m going to be alone for the long weekend which means that I can eat pizza rolls without anyone looking at me which is the ideal way to eat a pizza roll.

SARAH: Great. Kayla what is your beef and your-

KAYLA: Hold up, I'm still typing this tweet.

SARAH: Hold on, I'm gonna go take the meat out of the freezer.

KAYLA: (laughs) Oh my god. Please keep that in.

SARAH: My chicken is out the fuckin’ freezer. Kayla, what is your beef and your juice this week?

KAYLA: Uh my beef is that… well my glasses were already a little messed up because I had scratched them a bit, but the other day I did sit on them with my massive ass and I did break them.

SARAH: (laughs) With your absolutely gigantic donk.

KAYLA: My dump truck, Pixar mom ass, I did break my glasses, and I can still wear them they’re just crooked they-

SARAH: Also Kayla, all due respect, you don’t respect your glasses.

KAYLA: Uhh. Probably not.

SARAH: When we were together over the weekend you would just set them places.

KAYLA: Why would I-? As opposed to what?

SARAH: I don’t know put them in a fucking glasses case if you’re not wearing them?

KAYLA: Well not if I’m gonna pick them up like soon.

SARAH: You would like put them on the bed!

KAYLA: Yeah, I don’t see that that’s the issue!

SARAH: (quietly) this is why I wear contacts.

KAYLA: Anyway, my glasses are like for like reading and computer work mostly, they have a prescription they help me see, but also the blue light helps me a lot and so today I wasn’t really wearing them because they’re uncomfortable and I got a big headache and now I need to buy new glasses and I’m very sad.

SARAH: Oh no.


SARAH: Don’t put your massive ass on your glasses, this is a lesson to the world.


SARAH: Or your tiny ass, doesn’t matter the size of your ass.

KAYLA: Could be concave, still don’t do it.

SARAH: (laughs)

KAYLA: Now I have to wait, I did like the thing where Warby Parker sends you like 5 glasses-

SARAH: (still laughing) I’m imagining a concave ass!

KAYLA: (laughs) Anyway my other beef is that I got- work ordered me a standing desk and it was supposed to get here a couple days ago and it didn’t and its in Mississippi and it doesn’t even tell me what day it's gonna arrive now because it's not where its supposed to be and I’m really mad about it. My (singing) juiuiuiuce isssss thaaaat~ me and Sarah got to hang out which was fun and we hung out in Austin and it was a very good time.

SARAH: And Kayla bit me unprovoked!

KAYLA: I did, and I get to Sarah in two weeks which is the most I’ve seen Sarah in 5 years, which is exciting.

SARAH: Well not 5 years, 5 years ago we did live together.

KAYLA: Well okay. Anyway.

SARAH: Slight exaggerating. My beef is that my overwhelm has descended. As Kayla knows my reaction to being overwhelmed is to haha shut down and not do anything and just avoid the relevant work entirely and you know what that doesn’t help with?

KAYLA: Being overwhelmed?

SARAH: It does not help with the overwhelm Kayla.

KAYLA: I have some important- I have some good news that might cheer you up, that's another juice?

SARAH: What?

KAYLA: It’s that the baby weenie dog that lives on my street is walking by my window right now.

SARAH: Oh that’s great news. Does it have a concave ass?

KAYLA: (vocalizing) Ooooo~ No. He’s so cute, oh I wanna steal. Okay keep going.

SARAH: My juice is BTS fucking-

KAYLA: What!


KAYLA: I’m shocked BTS would be your juice.

SARAH: I don’t have tickets yet, please pray for me because it's a process we had to have a meeting about it. Um my other juice is Squid Game on Netflix. Kayla, do you know anything about Squid Game?

KAYLA: I do, I’ve seen a lot about it on TikTok so I think I understand some of the general things.

SARAH: Yeah because very suddenly everyone was talking about only Squid Game.

KAYLA: I know. I noticed! I noticed!

SARAH: And I was like “well I guess I’m gonna watch it right now” because I have two modes and those are don’t watch anything ever or watch it right now. So I watched the whole thing. It’s basically just voluntary Korean Hunger Games for deeply indebted adults and my dude, my guy, this shit is wildin’.

KAYLA: It seems depressing.

SARAH: Oh it’s SO depressing. If you can’t handle a death, do not watch this show.

KAYLA: I had a friend that was like “Oh it’s really good you should watch it, it says a lot of really interesting stuff about like poverty and stuff” and I was like I don’t know if I can do that right now. I’m sure it’s really good but I cannot. (gasp) I have more news! I have another juice!

SARAH: What?!

KAYLA: It’s that the Great British Bake Off is on! Again! It’s back~! (progressively more and more high pitched) And the second episode came out today, but I haven’t watched it yet, but I get too and I’m very excited!!

SARAH: (vocalizing). My last juice is that Key from SHINee came out with his first solo mini album and it fuckin’ slaps. It’s great.

KAYLA: Good news.


SARAH: It’s great! That’s my bias BAYBEE. Okay that’s all. You can tell us about your beef, your juice, the things that have changed in the past four years, including but not limited to if you have eaten a pizza roll, on our social media @soundsfakepod. We also have Patreon if you want to give us your money so that we can maybe be less overwhelmed? I don’t know.

KAYLA: One day.

SARAH: Our $2 patrons - oh we got a new one it’s Margaret, thanks Margaret you rock. Our $5 patrons who we’re promoting this week are: Sam, Kelly, Scott Ainslie, Julianne, and Lost In Space. We also have a new $5 patron it is Mary S. Mary S. was a $2 patron who bumped up to 5. (Singing) Thank you Mary S.~

KAYLA: (vocalizing) Maryyyyyyyyyyyyy~

SARAH: Our $10 patrons who are promoting something this week are: Changeling MX who would like to promote, DAVID JAY who would like to promote Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree Brown and the fact that we have his phone number. The Stubby Tech - We’re NOT giving you his phone number, to anyone who asks—

KAYLA: I will sell it for 1 trillion dollars. 

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KAYLA: Uh! Uh! Uh!

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SARAH: I never fucking checked. Dear Luke, Love, Me? I don’t know.

KAYLA: (laughs)

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KAYLA: And until then take good care of your cows.

(brief snippet of the intro song)

KAYLA: Like the best celebration I think of this podcast is to make it as chaotic — yes? Did you stop recording? (laughs) (wheezing) HA HA HA Oh noo it’s so perfect!