Sounds Fake But Okay

Sounds Hiatus But Okay

January 11, 2022 Sounds Fake But Okay
Sounds Fake But Okay
Sounds Hiatus But Okay
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Hey what's up hello! As you can see from the title, we're taking a bit of a hiatus. We'll see you on April 17th <3

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Sarah  00:00

Hey, what's up? Hello, welcome to Sounds Fake, but okay.

Kayla  00:03


Sarah  00:05

Hello. A little different today?

Kayla  00:08

No proper intro today. Uh, quite a bit shorter. As you can see from the title of this episode, your mother and I have something very important to tell you and it is that we are going on hiatus.

Sarah  00:22

Yes. It is not an indefinite hiatus. It is a three month hiatus, which is several months, but...

Kayla  00:30

Not every month. 

Sarah  00:31

Yeah, not every- 

Kayla 00:35

Certainly not every month. Yes. So, this is something that we had been thinking about and planning for a while. But with everything going on right now, we recognize that this is not the best time and also it kind of moved around our hiatus timeline a little bit. So, we apologize for the not ideal timing and also for not warning y'all. We had planned I think to warn you all more than like negative one week in advance. 

Sarah  01:02

We sure did. 

Kayla  01:04

Sometimes this is just how things shake out.

Sarah  01:06

For better or for worse we've never taken more than two consecutive weeks off of this podcast since we started in 2017. 

Kayla  01:12

Probably for worse I would say that decision. 

Sarah  01:15

Yeah, probably for worse.

Kayla  01:16

Health wise.

Sarah  01:18

But we have our manuscript deadline coming up soon. We're both going to be experiencing some major personal changes in our lives in the coming month.

Kayla  01:27

Yeah, I'm doing another cross country move, because I simply haven't moved enough in the past couple of years. Sarah will be getting a new job. We are manifesting this change. I have some tough family stuff going on. We both obviously still have full time jobs and real lives outside of our online situations. So, yeah, we're going to be taking some time for ourselves and also to just make our book and the podcast better.

Sarah  01:59

Yeah, we're cashing in on our break now. We will be primarily off of our podcast socials. But you can reach us by emailing us We'll still be there and we’ll probably pop in the discord now and again. So, if you're not in the discord, now's the time to join. It's a party in there.

Kayla  02:17

Yeah and feel free to message us like yeah, I am genuinely sad to be going through some major life stuff without like talking about it every week. I feel like it'll be weird to come back in April and be like lmao in a different state. You've heard nothing about it. Like, it's very bizarre. So we're still very happy to hear from you guys via email or leaving us messages in the discord so don't have to stay strangers. Your mother and I would love to hear from you. 

Sarah  02:43

Your mother and I would love to hear from you. In terms of Patreon, for those of you who are patrons, we understand if you don't want to give us your money during our hiatus because we won't be producing content. But for those of you who do want to stick around we do have some plans. We’ll post more details about it on our Patreon page itself. But Kayla do you wanna-? 

Kayla  03:08

Yeah, so like Sarah said completely understand you won't be getting the benefits that we promised when you give us your money. So, no hard feelings if you want to take some months off. But yes, so we obviously still need a little bit of money to just keep our website up and keep our episodes online but other than that the money that we won't be using just for general upkeep we're going to be giving to charity every month under the name of the sounds fake patrons. So, we'll be making a lengthier post or maybe we already posted it on our Patreon but we're going to do a poll every month and ask for your suggestions on what charities we should be doing and do a poll every month and giving to a different charity. So, yeah, head over to Patreon to check out more information on that but again, no hard feelings whatever anyone decides to do we completely get it.

Sarah  03:57

Yeah, and in the next three months when we're not posting new pods, you know we've got a lot of episodes that you can listen to if you're ever missing us and there's a lot of other wonderful creators to give your attention to out there in the world so we welcome you have to do that. 

Kayla  04:12

Yeah, there's just hundreds I feel like at this point aspec creators making other podcasts, making YouTube videos, writing blogs, making social content, so yeah, please go give them your attention your ears, your eyes, your nose, your nerve endings and your tongue, really get all your senses involved that you can, you know.

Sarah  04:38

Yeah and anything you're able to give you know we suggested...

Kayla  04:44

Give your body to creators.

Sarah  04:46

Donate your body to asexuality.

Kayla  04:48

Donate your organs. While we're at it make sure you're an organ donor. 

Sarah  04:51

That's so true. I'm an organ donator.

Kayla  04:53

I am too. Check your license make sure you an organ donor. You don't need them after you die, okay? Did you know in other countries being an organ donor is the default and you have to opt out and so other countries have a much higher rate of being an organ donor because of the psychology of opting out.

Sarah  05:11

Yeah, that checks out. Anyway, we will see you guys in a couple of months. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay kind, stay funky. Take good care of your cows.

Kayla  05:24

And remember, we live in a country and so do you.

Sarah  05:29

And so do you. Peace.